Privacy Policy / Information Security

Privacy Policy / Information Security

Privacy Policy

As a total management company with a focus on water and wastewater business and providing safer, cleaner water and environments, Water Agency Inc. considers the protection of personal information its important social responsibility.

About our Handling of Personal Information

Water Agency Inc. handles personal information.

Purpose of use of Personal Information

  1. Our company may need to acquire personal information necessary for providing better services and products in the course of our business activities, such as subcontracting, the development of plants/equipment/industrial chemicals, etc., design, manufacture, construction, sales, and other areas related to water and sewerage or to the environment. In this eventuality, our company will use the personal information acquired from our customers for the following purposes.

    • (1).To improve our services or products, and to reflect our customers’ wishes.

    • (2).To provide customers with the latest information about our company, services, or products.

    • (3).To provide customers with information we believe will be of benefit to them such as events or seminars.

    • (4).To carry out market surveys, including status of use and usage environments for services or products.

    • (5).In addition, to contact customers as needed.

  2. Our company uses the personal information disclosed when accepting consignment of work from a customer in order to carry out that consigned work in accordance with the customer‘s instructions. Note that our company has no authority to disclose, etc. the above personal information.

Provision of Personal Information

There will be no provision of personal information to third parties, save in the following cases.
  • When the person concerned has given their consent.
  • When required for legal reasons.
  • When required to protect the life, person, or property of a person, and the person concerned is unable to easily give consent.
  • When required to improve public hygiene or promote the healthy development of children, and the person concerned is unable to easily give consent.
  • When required to cooperate with a state agency or a local authority or a person contracted by such in the pursuit of their work as required by law, and it is likely that obtaining the permission of the person concerned would have a deleterious effect on the pursuit of said work.
  • When consigning a subcontractor to carry out a task within the scope required to achieve the usage purpose.

Information Security

We work to minimize the risks or leaks or loss of information through natural disasters or malpractice, and ensure sustained growth and trust as a company, and to that end we ensure management of a range of information as well as information assets such as ICT skills and knowledge.

Information Security Management

Our company has set out the Core Principle for the purpose of protecting information assets and preventing information security incidents or accidents, as well as carrying out our social responsibilities as a company. This allows us to create an information security system that is trusted by society and the community.

    Core Principle
  1. Protection of information assets
  2. To protect information assets, we have constructed an information security management system that is appropriate in both organizational and technical terms.

  3. Compliance with laws
  4. We comply with all laws, national policies, other norms, and contracts with partners regarding information security.

  5. Appropriate risk management
  6. We carry out risk assessments based on objective assessment standards and systematic methods to ensure appropriate risk management.

  7. Training and education
  8. We carry out any necessary training and education to ensure our managers and employees are fully aware of the importance of information assets.

  9. Sustained improvements
  10. We regularly evaluate and revise this Core Principle as well as the related regulations and management system, working to improve information security on an ongoing basis.