Water Agency has been in the water business ever since our founding more than sixty years ago. Water is a resource vital for our existence. Our society, our culture, our industry—everything around us is made possible by water.

The modern era has seen the development of water infrastructure, like water supplies and wastewaters, designed to try and fix the damage done to the water environment through industrialization. With the spread of water infrastructure coverage, Japan’s water environment has rapidly improved, and our rich water sources are gradually returning to their natural form.

However, it is not enough to simply keep the water infrastructure in good condition if its functions are to be fully utilized. High levels of operational management are required for regional water quality. Enhancing management efficiency to allow sustainable business operation is another important issue.

Water Agency provides safe, reliable, effective water management using the latest ICT and IoT technology, coupled with the skills and expertise we have built up in operating water and wastewater plants for more than six decades. As our theme of “Clean Water for Our Future” shows, it is our desire to use our creative skills as a private enterprise to keep advancing initiatives that will provide future generations with a rich water environment.